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We are a full computer repair service company offering expert onsite computer repairs, consultations, installations, and complete networks in Central Michigan and the surrounding areas.

We respond quickly and will have you working again in short order...

We take pride in having the knowledge and ability to solve your computer problems quickly and efficiently.

bullet Slow Performance
bullet Operating System Failure
bullet Consulting Solutions
bullet Database Design/Implementation
bullet Offsite Backup Services
bullet Networking
bullet Server Solutions
bullet Hosting Services
bullet Internet Connections
bullet Illegal Operations Errors
bullet Hardware Failure
bullet Hardware Conflicts
bullet Freeze Ups
bullet System Won't Shut Down
bullet Memory Problems
bullet Printing Problems
bullet Virus Problems
bullet Backup Problems
bullet Network Problems
bullet Data Corruption
bullet Spyware, Malware and Adware 
bullet Network Connection problems
bullet Disk Sanitizing Service (HIPAA)
bullet Data Recovery

We created our service to meet the needs of our users.

Our commitment is to do more than simply service your computer - we want to be certain that you are completely satisfied and comfortable with your computer service experience.  We do this by taking care of your computer repairs for you!

After providing an initial diagnosis and estimate,  we complete most needed upgrades or repairs onsite, ensuring that your computer system(s) work properly before we leave.  In most cases, all work can be done in a single visit.

All of this for a price that is competitive with what most companies charge for carry-in service!


Phone: 989-621-1492
Phone: 989-621-3432
Fax: 989-772-2201

Mailing Address:
5420 E. Lilly Lane
Mount Pleasant, MI  48858